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The programs made in Excel have experienced an exponential growth in the last years, although the number of Excel consultancies dedicated exclusively to Excel and its programming language “VBA” in Spain and/or Latin American countries continues to be insignificant in comparison with Anglo-Saxon countries.

Our Excel Programmers and our Expert Excel Consultants Design programs in Excel and small applications in Excel, specific to your company and/or business using all the potential that Excel and VBA are able to offer to improve your business being more productive and more profitable increasing profits.

If your books, Excel macros, Excel sheets and Excel templates require a lot of manual work, if they do the same work many times, the same reports, the same analysis, the same graphs, dynamic tables varying only the records present in them we can automate it by making a program in Excel that streamlines everything, our Excel Expert will give you the solution.

It is important to find an Expert in Excel if you do not have advanced knowledge in the handling of Excel, and it is one of those skills that we know someday we will need, you can give me the reason if you already asked to the secretary of your office for some formula or the process to make certain action. It is important to learn Excel and have knowledge about it.

With a visit from an Excel expert, you will make it possible for jobs that take hours to be presented in just a few with our programs made in Excel for companies. Just call our phone: 669 80 24 92 or our e-mail: where we will do an Excel consulting analyzing the problem and giving an economic and fast solution.


Excel programs are of vital importance in small businesses

Why is an Excel expert important for my company?

Because nowadays there are many companies in which administrative, economists or accountants do not have Excel installed, and Excel can help in the visualization of the results, in comparing periods, in the presentation of reports… and the companies that have programs in Excel, do not take all the performance that can to a tool like this one, and some experts in Excel or with cultors in Excel can advise which is the best way to obtain better results.

What can an Excel expert bring to my company?

Many hours of saving, maximizing work, optimizing results, being able to make repetitive tasks no longer take time, being able to analyze different years and / or months in the same book without the need to prepare a job each month. Create dynamic reports that are updated with the arrival of new data, without the need for someone to manually enter them, etc.

Can an Excel expert do the same job as an Excel consultant?

An Excel expert can know that what he wants to do can be done. And that is very important, because many times hundreds of hours are lost because we are not aware that we could do it in another way and there an Excel specialist could tell us. An expert could do many things that the Consultant usually does… YES logically if, and the better it is the more things he will do, only that it took him more time to do them and/or he may not know that combining a series of formulas you can get the same as programming, and it is usually better to use formulas rather than VBA.

Could all the small programs in Excel that we have in the companies be put together?

This question is too general, it is true that what we often do in many cases
Excel books or many Excel sheets within the same book, can be done in a single book and with few sheets. It is what we call to consolidate many works in an only one, the specialist in Excel could do it.

Is it necessary to revise the Excel programs that companies have in order to improve them?

It is convenient to have an updated version of Excel, nowadays it is not very logical to continue using Office 2003 when we are in 2016 and it has been many years since Office 2007 and 2010 came out. The more experts we become and the more performance we get from Excel, the more we will ask for it, so it is better to consult an Excel specialist to get rid of any doubts.

And many things that we did today we can do with Excel 2013, can not be done with previous versions, thus updating the applications in Excel for companies that we had outdated. If we use Excel badly, if we don’t know how to get the best performance out of it, we will be able to continue using old versions, but with them we will lack many functionalities.

Would an Excel consultant together with an Excel expert improve the performance of a company?

Yes, because an Expert in Excel is aware of what the company needs, because he works in it, and as far as he can not go but knows what can be done. Therefore it never hurts to have an Excel specialist who advises us what we can do with those applications in Excel for companies that we have without updating.

Have companies that have worked with an Excel expert obtained good results?

In Spain there are few companies that work and/or look for experts in Excel, mainly because they don’t even know what can be achieved, but it is evident that an expert in Excel could do the same job as 5/6 users without knowledge. The comparison is a person who can type and must write a report of 30 sheets and 4 employees who do not know how to type or use Word, with whom we are left with 4-6 salaries or one.

Do you need a good Excel expert to improve Excel applications and Excel templates?

By Excel expert we assume that it is a person able to get an optimal performance out of Excel by improving Excel applications for companies, a person who does not know Excel will perform the same function many times without being aware that there are other better and faster ways to do the same. An Excel Expert will be able to update a template with new information, because the company demands it.


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