Do we need a program made in Excel?
Do you need a profesional Excel programmer?

We are expert Excel developers and programmers.
We design specific Excel applications for your Company and business using all the potential that Excel and BVA are capable of offering.

Do you need your Excel Workbook to be less heavy and open faster?
When your Workbooks and Excel sheets require a lot of manual handling or if they do perform the same tasks, reports, graphics or analysis many times.
By varying only the present records we can make them automatic.
Reducing the time in jobs that normally take hours to do, to seconds instead is the advantage that this Excel application have.

We can make your Excel books to be something perfectly profesional and design the application that will meet your needs.

Sometimes the case is an slow or heavy Excel program that also have many links to external workbooks difficult to use.

We can repair your model resigning it partially or entirely creating a more dynamic application in Excel that would serve for a long time, updating and adjusting it to new processes.
We have an Excel solution for every case and we can anticipate future problems that we may encounter in your business.
We have the capacity to expand the functions and features of your Excel model with the best references of expertise because our main objective is to work for your needs designing that tailor solution for your business, creating
dashboards, Excel templates and financial and economic reports.
Many Excel templates are constantly changing and failure to adapt the formulas, graphs, scorecards and pivot tables make them inefficient and a waste of time (ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, AS 400).

We are able to foresee any change that may occur with our Excel Programs for companies.
Our Excel experts will evaluate your project free of charge, contributing with our know-How and our experience acquired through many Excel programs made for multiple companies over many years.
We seek to make the user of our programs feel comfortable and knowledgable about what we are doing.
Our work speaks for us and our references can be trace. We make Excel applications for medium and small companies, either to carry on their invoicing, accountancy or to generate applications.
We carry on consulting for companies to asses their needs, facilitating the work of employees and save money to the companies.

As we understand the importance of streamlining operations and optimising processes we think it is important to contact us to create the best Excel program for you.

Rename Files

Do we need an Excel program to rename books whether we download documents, photos, videos or use Drive and Dropbox?
In many occasions we want to change the names on our files, delete them or move them to another directory while we decide what to do. Sometimes we find to have lots of empty folders and its difficult to delete them fast like ZIP extensions that take long time to decompress.

We could use Total Commander applications, MS-DOS and so, however with our program it is much easier.

VBA Transporter

This Excel program is unique and I have not seen it on any other website.

The Book model and Excel program may be one of the few that it is not intended for the average user. It is intended for those who work more in Excel and BVA and are often forced to modify or add a new code to existing

It is very common that once we carry on a job and deliver it to the user he later ask us to add more functions or improve certain macros.

New Job

When our services are requested it is usually necessary to count the hours we dedicate to a project.

Sometimes this project may have an agreed fixed price. Whatever we agreed on, we will need to know how well each job has performed. Excel programs are used to carry out the most detailed analysis possible.

I have been creating this template for a long time and every time I open it, an event macro jumps into mark time in the front column. Every time I save the Book it works in the same way but appears in the until column.

TxT, CSV Consolidator

When we use AS400, SAP or any other external ERP, Text, file or CSV to store information, the tasks could become a nuisance, especially when we receive them daily and weekly having to save them in a particular directory to be able to process them when requested.

With our Excel program we consolidate all the files of an specific folder creating a final TxT or a CSV.

We can perform this task using MS-DOS, however for most of the users it is very difficult. With this Excel program it is easier in addition to the fact that the possibilities are greater.

Once you download and open this program in Excel ,you will start to understand how our Excel experts who will evaluate your project free of charge, contribute with their knowledge and experience over many years, to give you the best solutions for your company.

Football World Cups

These are another small Excel programs that lack VBA, that is, macros.

For its realisation we have used formulas. We have not use wildcard columns from which we could obtain data that we will used to obtain the desired results.

In this small Excel programs we wanted to show a template in which we can see how the pairings of different groups were made, as well as a table were we can see which teams scored or conceded the most goals.

We have done the same work for several World Cups. Downloading the different books we can see how the last World Cup contains the best template.

Work Calendar

This small model program in Excel for companies and individuals lack macros.In this Book only formulas have been used.We wanted to create a Work Calendar in which we can put the employers names, Bank Holidays and Holidays.

In business the case can be to find out the birthday of a worker, as an example ,or as an individual to check on family birthdays.

You can go to the first of the sheets, which is used to mark this information.