This Excel program may be one of the few which it is not intended for an average user. It is created for those who work permanently with Excel and VBA and are often force to modify and add new codes to existing macros.
The Book allows you to do few things:

  • Import VBA modules from a given directory to the chosen Book
  • Export VBA modules from a given directory to the chosen Book
  • Completely delete The code and VBA modules or macros
  • Delete modules that lack a code which is very common among people who start using macros.

It is usually very common that once a job has been done and delivered, after a few months, the customer ask us to add more functions and improve the macros. This Book serves to continue with your job while we work on it to attach any needed modification.

The objective of this website is to show you the possibilities that Excel have to offer.

Companies and business like to use their Mother Book, that is to say, the original. They prefer to send us what they wish to modify or add macros that we can improve.

We can do that in a matter of seconds.

It is extremely useful to work with a light version of the final model with hardly any data and to export the code of this new version to the model used by the customer.

Our experts can help you to do any modifications that you consider appropriate.