We develop games in Excel for people who want to have an entertaining time and people who propose us to developed.
Games in Excel are a good way to disconnect from our daily work and do something different. To please our customers, we are ready to the challenge and solve any difficulties.

It is intended to be a book in which we can choose the colours with which we will make pictures similar to:

For us, the work of Piet Mondrian is easy to identified and we think that for the most profane of audiences too.
I have try with this Excel game to pay a tribute to this artist painter.

We can change the colours at will, to get different pictures

You can see different pictures obtained in just a few seconds.In this case we have only used red, white, black, green and blue.

As you can see, the picture obtained is quite beautiful.We have only used red, white and black.


Piet Mondrian used mainly the colours that in Excel go from 0 to 6, as well as greys.
Using these colours we could obtain the following pictures