This may be one of the applications that I like the most wether we use AS 400, SAP or any other external ERP, text file or CSV to store information.

Download the TXT-CSV Consolidator

With this Book we have tried to consolidate all the files from a creating a final TXT folder and a CSV to store information.

We can perform this task using MS-DOS, even that for most users i is quite difficult and unknown.

From this Book it becomes easier and the possibilities are greater.

When open the Book it reveals what we offer:

  • We may not want to consolidate TXT in the designated folder
  • Order the presentation of the TXT
  • Not repeat the number of lines that are part of the header
  • Consolidate the documents that are in the sub-folders of the designated directory.

As you can see all the possibilities are covered

If we wanted to see the CSV and TXT obtained from the folder that contain the files, we can use Database sheet.
Our Excel experts can help you make any modifications to this Work Book that you consider benefit to your organisation.

Using this Workbook help us to avoid having a great amount of text files.