These are other small Excel programs that lack VBA (macros).

We have create the program with formulas, just formulas, mega formulas, array formulas… (No VBA, no macros)
We have not used help columns from which we could obtain values to use later.
Our interest was to show a template through which we could see how the pairings of different groups were made as well as a table in which we could be able to see what team scored the most goals or conceded the most goals.

We have done the same work in two more World Cups.

For the Brazil World Cup, we have included a cell with the time difference between Brazil and your city of origin (HH:MM).

This model can be use worldwide.

For the World Cup in South Africa we improved the program including both models.For the next World Cup we will upload another model again, since it will be not difficult to modify the existing one.
As a pending task in this models, we have not being able to sort the classification of the teams in the group stage without using help columns, which was something we did not want to do, (so is still pending)

Maybe for the next World Cup !