For many the Sudoku game is a Japanese game, however it is a Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, who is considered its creator. It is believed that he was who gave rise to the Sudoku as a hobby, creating a series of guidelines for the calculation of probabilities.

For all of us who have studied Physics, mathematics ,engineering or economy, talking about Euler is like in football talking about Johan Cruyff ,we know what we are talking about!
Trying to create a Sudoku generator in Excel as well as a Sudoku solver, became a personal challenge. It was fantastic to present it in Excel, a mathematical game that should be able to be played and solved in the best existing calculator, Excel itself.
Easy presented in an Excel sheet whose resolution could be use many of the existing functions, we carried out the first Sudoku solver in 2004-2005.

We tested it with hundred of Sudoku puzzles to see if it worked or hung in resolution, however, we observed that one Sudoku solver in Excel could solve any Sudoku puzzle.
To date, we have not been able to find a single puzzle not been able to be solve. The vast majority of them can be solve in less than 3 seconds and for programs or people interested to learn VBA, it can be useful.
This solver is the most downloaded among Sudoku solvers made in Excel-VBA

What is Sudoku?

It is a very old and followed game played every day by millions of people around the world.
It is the Japanese favourite pastime, of the logic type, and we can find it in countless newspapers and magazines.

The rules are simple: it consist of a grid of 9×9 cells, divided into 9 quadrants of 3×3, which must be filled in such, that all the rows or columns and quadrants ( sets of 3×3 cells) posses a number from 1 to 9 without any repetition.
Starts from a board with several cells covered by numbers.

Sudokus must have a unique solution in addition to having rotational symmetry. For this reason, it is important to have a Sudoku solver, like the one present in our website, so that people who are not able to solve it as well as for those who want to verify that has been done.Download online is also free.


Why is Such a popular game?

The simplicity of the rules make it easy for beginners, however, it is not easy for many when they search online for free sudoku puzzles and they are not able to solve it, like the one present on this page.
The satisfaction of completing a puzzle may be another reason why, although in many cases we do not have the ability to solve them.We improve our skills as we play.

  • Easy to save and continue
    You can start a puzzle one day and continue and finish another day.Our solver can help you to confront any difficulties while help you to understand the game.